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God is Faithful Twitter background

So, God gave me the grace to create the God is faithful wallpaper during a trying time (I believe) and yeah, it turned out great. No comments have been left on the original one I created, I know, sad :( but the number of people who search for it and have used it online says enough about how much people love it, love God and His faithfulness, and yeah, speaks a ton about grace.

So, my sister told me to design some twitter backgrounds like a week ago, I didn't, but yeah, I think God gave me the go-ahead today, so here it is, the God is faithful twitter background. God bless you big BIG time ;-)

True Vine Productions Christian Twitter background
To download: Right-Click and select "Save link as" or "Save target as".
First download the image above.
Login to twitter, then go to, click on "Change background image" then select the downloaded twitter background.
Then click, "Save Changes".
That should do it. Enjoy

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