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How do you know that the Spirit is present?

I wish it was as simple as this: The Church's band plays a song declaring God's graciousness and awesome nature and people around drop down on the floor, others burst out laughing and crying, others screaming and jumping in an orderly fashion (because God is indeed a God of order, not a God of confusion); it would be easy to tell. I feel led to type that such a day is coming that we will see things like this happen in Church regularly (the Supernatural), just like the many people who raise their hands when worshipping God.
Remember when that person raising their hands looked weird? Well God changed our minds on that didn't He?

So, How do you know that the Spirit is present? Here are three ways to know gotten from the video below: 
1. The gospel of Jesus is preached. 
Yep. So if the gospel of Jesus was preached at a church you visited and you thought that because you didn't see or feel God the way you boxed His manifestation up to be, therefore God wasn't there, you might need to repent #JustSaying.
2. People are regenerated; People are converted. 
People's hearts are changed. From a stony heart, to a heart of flesh. People don't look beat down as if serving Jesus is like the Israelites to Pharoah. Serving Jesus cannot be compared to anything else, everything else seems so worthless. You get my point... I hope.
3. Bear fruits of the Spirit. Look more like Jesus. 
Now I'm not saying that the good looking guy with a beard and kind eyes at a church confirms that the God is present there; I didn't mean it literally... or did I? .

These are just a few, please watch the video. I love love it and was blessed by it.
I didn't want to copy everything else he mentioned there, but maybe an incentive? 
Ok, he mentions Oprah and her show... and he mentioned culture and stuff (for you traditionalists out there lol)

Grace and peace fam.

I feel the Spirit

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