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I feel the Spirit; Let me put God in a box

Many times, we think that we know God so much that we can predict what God is going to do and how He is going to act and move. 
A mindset like this can only be possible, in my opinion, if you are a prophet or prophetess. That has to be the only way that you can tell and know for certain what God is going to do, because that means God Himself told you. God's word, the Bible tells us of His deeds, His ability and His grace to show forth Himself amazingly. The Bible doesn't put God in a box ever, like in a if-else equation.

We believers do that often and sometimes without realizing.
God is not a vending machine. And if God were a vending machine, he wouldn't accept coins; He wouldn't even have a coin slot. God is Spirit, and we, His followers must worship Him in spirit and in truth. If God had a coin slot, it wouldn't take human physical stuff, it would probably take "thanksgiving", "Praise" etc. Yes, this paragraph is meant to jab the prosperity gospel in the ribs. God doesn't bless us and give us anything because we give Him stuff; He gave us everything before we knew about Him. #BAM!!! (Twitter hash tag)

God cannot be put in a box. If God did not tell you explicitly that He will do something in some way and you assume because you are spiritual that it must happen like that or else it's not from God, your mindset is slightly off. Make that way off.

Now, let me relate all that to the title:
Usually, when we hear someone say that they feel the Spirit, and God's presence, they usually attribute it to physical emotions and you know, the tingles, chills and more physical stuff.
Now, I am not saying you didn't feel God if you felt any of the above things listed... but that alone is not even close, not even 1% able to guarantee that God is present.

Some people may even go as far as saying that they did not feel God at some place during some event because they didn't feel some thing; something physical like the chills and tingles.

Assuming that God, the infinitely powerful, all big, all glorious (look at Exodus 24: it blow my mind), all majestic, all everything, will usually only show [manifest and reveal] Himself by us feeling stuff physically is definitely putting God in a box (doing what is dine in the picture below o_O ).

God reveals Himself the way He wants and as He pleases to do so, and it may be very different in every individual. That we physically don't feel something is not proof that God is not somewhere. Gotta be Spirit led with that also. 

So, How do you know that the Spirit is present?


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