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5 male and female pro-abortion celebrities we should boycott

I just read this article on and yeah, my eyes are once again opened to the level of deception that, if not for God's grace, would plague us too, is in the media, particularly, the celebrities. Pray for them.

I'll list the male and female celebrities and link to the website for you to read the articles.
Personally, I'm very glad I found this article. God is telling someone to stop supporting "celebrities" who don't glorify Him.
Side-note: I strongly believe that every Christian should be Pro-life (not pro-choice or worse).

Ladies first:
Female celebrities who support abortion:
1. Scarlett Johansson. This one was a shocker because I was a fan. Well, not anymore. Boycotted!
2. Sarah Silverman
3. Chelsea Handler
4. Amy Poehler
5. Gwyneth Paltrow. I've never been a fan of her. I'm not about to start. Boycotted!

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Dudes next:
1. Kanye West
2. Eddie Vedder
3. Bill Maher
4. Tucker Max
5. Hugh Hefner. No Christian on this site should be linked to this dude in anyway... especially his magazines. #destructive

Read Five Pro-Abortion Male Celebrities Pro-Lifers Should Boycott

This should be a no-brainer in general for most believers, and there are way more celebrities out there that we shouldn't support in anyway.

As usual, I'll tell you to do as God leads. If God says you should not support any celebrity out there (majority of them do not glorify God in many many ways), then do so.

Hopefully, you just learnt something about some celebs who had a special place in your heart? Hopefully, that changes.
Care for their souls, not their persona's that are over-hyped by the devil. The devil will use anything and anybody to spread his lies.

Serve Jesus. Obey Him. Seek His voice before taking any action.

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