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No Fears

Call me a graced-up hybrid of Peter
No fears I sing, like Shakespear
God supports me, relying totally
I'd be a fool Christ, Spirit reasoning

[Have] You tried Listening? Here the Lord speak
Sometimes the key to witnessing is admitting your weak
Like Paul claiming to be the worst of sinners
How dare I act a fool? Belittle sinners

Dad is the Vine Dresser, there's none other
Best believe by Him I see clearer
He knows what time and day, I'll leave
I know I'll see Him for Him I live

Deceivers on overtime, they trying to kill me
ID in Christ homie, they trying to still and
Jehovah called me, there's no giving up
Face-plant, head-bash, now way I'm leaving God

But I'm doing nothing, He's holding me
On Christ the Rock I stand, no silly facts
You can plank forever but I'm fighting
Removing specks in my eyes, that can hide sin.

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No fears - Bezalel - Hip hop, rap, song, Christian rap, Jesus, God

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