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Flame's 2012 album - The 6th - Debuts high on Itunes Charts

Flame - the 6th - Album Art

Flame's 6th album is officially out.
The album is called "The 6th" and has 15 amazingly well produced songs, glorifying God with sounds good for your ear. It features a lot of your favorite artists (Lecrae, Thi'sl, Young Noah, V.Rose, Chris Lee, Pastor AD3, Steve T and Decembe Radio). Shout-out to Flame's right-hand girl, Crystal Gray (his wife).

Clearsight music does it excellently for the Kingdom of God again. And the album is currently sitting at #3 on Itunes. It will hit number 1 tomorrow when everyone gets up and buys it God willing.

The 6th is worth every cent of the price it's listed for at $9.99.
The gospel will be spread and God will get the glory.

Get Flame's album - The 6th, on Itunes:

And just in case you don't believe me about the album being number 3 on Itunes, here's a screenshot: #BAM
Itunes Screenshot - Flame - The 6th

It's not about about the money, the fame or the charts, but that people are buying and supporting the gospel being spread through music. Plus an album doing well on Itunes can spark the curiosity of someone not in Christ yet, and BAM, another brother or sister is added to the family of Christ.

/bye :D

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