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Free hip-hop beat/instrumental - Celebrating 300k views

A couple of days back, True Vine Productions hit and passed the 300,000 views mark.
That's a big deal to me and I am very grateful.
To some, it might not seem like much, but considering that I have never advertised this blog and do next to nothing to promote it, that's a big deal; I am favoured by God and so is True Vine Productions.

Anyways, I decided to give something back to you guys who keep on coming back to visit.
Some of you might know I'm a rapper, but I'm a producer as well. #ProudlyCanadian

I decided to give away one of my beats that was put up for sale.
So feel free to download it and use if you're a rapper or singer. If you're not one, download it and send it to your rapper or singer friend... or just listen to it till you're tired of it.

The free beat? Pause

Story behind it? Pause is simply me reminiscing God's goodness and kindness to me and this website. I'm grateful. God says in Psalms 46:10 "Be still and know that I'm God and I will be exalted". That's real talk.

Enjoy ;)

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