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Heaven isn't what you make it.

Heaven is what you make it - Wrong thoughtsI've heard the statement being thrown around "Heaven is what you make it". I'm pretty sure you have to.
I'll tell you in as little words as possible why this is false and why you as a Christian shouldn't entertain this world view:

1. First, if your "heaven" is as mediocre and run-down as this earth is, with the evil, sadness and stuff around, then I'm sorry, your heaven is way different from my Heaven. I am not saying that Earth is ugly. I am saying that Earth is ugly in comparison to Heaven.

2. Heaven is not what you make it because Heaven existed before any human being on earth (even before Adam) existed. Heaven is not what you make it, it is what God created, where He dwells and where we will dwell someday, by God;s grace alone of course.

3. This idea was not created to glorify God and doesn't in any way. Most people who live by this statement don't believe in God and [claim or try] that they don't believe in Heaven or Hell. They believe they die and stop existing, or come back as a birdie.... Cute? No. Quite sad actually :(

Also, hell isn't what you make it. Hell is worse than anyone on earth can imagine. Hell is meant for the devil and his angels. No one wants to go to hell. No one who knows what hell is like does.

On the contrary...
Life can be what you make it to some extent.
Our words influence are lives [either to life or to death]. Death and Life are in the power of the tongue.
Our thoughts can also influence our lives. As a man [or woman] thinks, so is he.
Our actions can obviously influence our lives. You reap what you sow.

But the biggest influence on our lives is God.
God is gracious, merciful and kind.
God is good.
He deserves to be praised and revered. God is not your homeboy. God is much bigger than Sundays, Churches or Easter. God rules over all.
Heaven exists and is real. I hope you anticipate being there someday.
Jesus is the only way to Heaven. 

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