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Json - Brand New ft. God's Servant & Steve T (@json116)

Here's Json's new music video for his song "Brand New", one of the many great songs on his album "Growing Pains". Love love love it.
I love excellence and the post production/video editing work for this video is excellent.
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Here's what Json had to say about the song/video:
"Brand New is a hype song about what it means for the believer to be made new in the image of Christ. The song features Lamp Mode newcomer God's Servant, as well as Steve T. on the hook. "Brand New is one of those songs that just makes you wanna move. The video simply adds to that feeling. If you've been made Brand New, then this should be your anthem".

Json - Brand New ft. God's Servant & Steve T 

Do the Bill Cosby - KJ-52

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