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The Proverbs 31 initiative

The Proverbs 31 verse 26
For all the ladies out there, those living for their Spouse
To those not flaunting what's best left behind their blouse
To real women who adhere to the teachings in the scripture
To those adhering even at the cost of theirs and their children's future
Many know Proverbs 31, but like John 3:16, don't know its meaning
Meaning, they quote it, never live it but leave it at the first sight of persecution
Like being called lame 'cause your Dad's the King of restitution
Wake up sisters who love God in your bedroom but act like you don't know Him in conference rooms
Brace up, your beauty is in God's statements about you, you show off His glory like the best car in a showroom
And to all of you living for Christ, hearts guarded, men misguided in your blind-spot
Keep on relying on Christ, keep on restating His facts till all of His creation gets remodelled like an old rooftop
Old shops with decayed wood is what vanity makes a girl look like
Beauty is fleeting like like days ending abruptly, fooling fools is what it looks like
Cool to be a symbol right? All the boys flock by your side
Call you Ms. Perfectly fine, you know this pleasure won't reside
Flattering never satisfies the void meant to be in Christ it's found

Brothers, I included who sometimes in the flesh dumb gotta take our crosses up
Cause the day's here, gotta follow Christ to attract the Mrs. with both eyes up


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