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Should Christians Make out (Kiss)? :D

Kissinglol Awkward. Don't let anyone catch you searching for this... or reading this lol
No. Not really. It's important that you read this.

That is a valid question. So, instead of me trying to give you an answer, I'll let you watch this video.
It makes sense and I agree wholeheartedly. I think it's very much worth your time. So peep it ;)

Is making out considered a sin?

Here's a summary for those of you who don't want to (or can't watch) the video:
The Bible doesn't say anywhere that kissing your boyfriend or girlfriend is a sin. So, a short answer is no.

However, kissing could lead to sin.
Common sense tells us that kissing is intimate. Being intimate with your boyfriend or girlfriend (even if it's as "harmless" as a kiss) could lead to more intimate actions (*cough* touching, etc *cough*) and that can lead to having sex (fornication) which is a sin.

As tough as it is to resist kissing your girlfriend/boyfriend, it is advised that you do not.
Once you cross that line it is hard to stop, or to go back.

That's a summary.
It doesn't do the video justice even.

Watch it for yourself. It's funny but has wisdom not to be neglected.

Grace, peace, love, and strength as you stay pure in Christ.

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