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Zaph-Nath - Year Zero EP - Press Release

“Year Zero” EP was conceived after reading a book about the Cambodian War. There had been different thoughts on issues that people face in life, and Zaph-nath wanted to bring them together in an impactful project. This project highlights different issues that are not strange to the human experience. The Belhaven University Senior delivers a hard-hitting EP that is both informative and though provoking.

Track Listing
1. Dreams ft. Bezalel
2. Soul Mates ft. Ginny Holladay
3. Rock Bottom
4. What’s Real ft. Ginny Holladay
5. Crazy World Freestyle ft. Trust

Dreams – Featuring Bezalel, Talks about the pursuit of one’s dreams, and the obstacles that one faces to get there. The pursuit of dreams is a tough one because people are always opposed to it. So basically you are your biggest fan in whatever you are doing. Just Trust in God and Grind. In this track the Artists lay out their dreams and how they go after them, and urge you to do the same with your dream!

Soul Mate – Featuring Ginny Holladay, paints the perfect picture of a relationship. There is an Ideal picture of a Relationship in which the person goes through thick and thin with us. Zaph-nath talks to this Soul mate of his from the heart.

Rock Bottom – This is an unorthodox hip-hop song. Zaph-nath reached into somewhere different to draw inspiration for this song! He talks from a dark place. This is a function of experience. He talks about politics, prostitution, war, child exploitation, judgment and the likes. He urges people not to judge others until they’ve walked a step in their shoes.

What’s Real – Featuring Ginny Holladay, the second song with the talented songstress talks about finding a solid ground in times when relationships are built around superficial things. Zaph-nath tells a story of a friend of his who was there when things were good, and when things turned bad, turned his back on him. Zaph- nath urges people to be careful before they choose whom they call “friends”

Crazy World Freestyle – Featuring Trust, this track just talks about the roots of origin of the artists and what they’ve seen there. It’s a hard-hitting track with lots of punch lines that paint a picture of where the artists are from. Trust and Zaph-nath go way back, and have recorded tons of music together; it’s no surprise that when they come together to make music, they drop jewels. They end the EP on a high note with this track.

Zaph-Nath - Year Zero EP - Press release

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