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Contentment and stress

My condition's condition was the "Art of lack of submission"
I relied partially on His charitability but was bent on controlling His vision
He spoke into existence yet because my neighbour grass seems greener
I'm stressed because He just mowed my lawn to get the weeds out of this sinner
I'm sinister to be ungrateful for life's hailstorms, curse at Him with the breadth He gave me
Minister when it suits me, "He's only with me when perfect is how I've been living"
Lies I told myself, wanted to own myself and lead me down the road to death
But Life went there to get my freedom, the fare to Him was richer than wealth
I'm living in wealth if I'm alive even if my Checking looks miniscule
Miniscule to one is another's fortune, how dare I let an institution tell me how much I'm worth even if I have only a nickel?

Contentment and stress - Dog sleeping

Plans laid bare, had it figured since my rebirth
You've blessed me with this gift, I've gotta bless earth with it till my death
Now I'm fretting, upsetting the thought that my vision's execution was not inline
My forehead's crown is frown lines, this detour tastes like lime

There's no use fighting, what we have has all been given
Might have worked for it for 20 years, but it still had to be given
Stress shows the lack of trust, worry's not a must it's dust
It'll make you choke, get your eyes red; it's yoke for the lost

My lesson: Stay in communication with Him who blesses. There's no need to stress about your present, future or past. Godliness with contentment is a blessing that many times needs relearning.

Yes, Godliness with contentment is great gain. (1 Timothy 6:6)

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