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What I learnt from the Jerry Sandusky trial

First off, I thought that this could make a great entry.
I'm not celebrating the fall another human, but we can learn from his failings.

First off, I know not much about Jerry Sandusky or Penn State; the only reason I knew about this whole situation is Christianity today and a world news widget on my phone's homepage.

That said, Jerry Sandusky did things said to be unforgivable: Like abusing an innocent person with no remorse... but me and you did that too to Jesus.

I'm done with the spoken word-play, I'm not trying to guilt trip you; I'm trying to awaken you to grace so you see it in a "rest-in-Christ" type of view.

1. Jerry Sandusky was in a place of honour; respected by peers, students, family and his supporters. He built a strong legacy that was torn down by immorality and disobedience.
This all shows that anything not built on Christ alone cannot last; the wind of temptation blew, and his house fell because it was built on sand.

2. From what I do know about Sandusky, I don't believe he's saved (but I'm not certain, so don't quote me, he could be a saint). That said, the only difference between you, me and other believers is this, God's grace alone is shielding you and me from committing wicked deeds.
My thoughts have thought things as disgusting and worse, I'll admit it. The truth is we're all sinners at worst, thank God he remedied the curse.

3. Another lesson from the scandal, don't keep silent when you see a brother or sister sinning. You will get judged by jury more severe than the one that sentenced Sandusky to prison; 60 years is a second compared to eternal suffering in hell's condition.
Speak out in love, try to correct in love. If correction is refused, go to an elder to confront a brother sinning, but do so in love. We all need to look out for one another, we're Blood-of-Christ related.

4. Be willing to receive reproach and reproof and correct your broken truths. Search yourself when rebuked to be sure "ridiculous rebuke" is not true. I don't believe that nobody said anything to Sandusky, he probably just shut them up and told them never again dare disrespect me ← Lesson: Accept correction even if it's from "children".

5. Never ride solo. Come clean about your struggles to your pastor, brethren and other loyal fellows. They'll see when bad stuff is brewing and pray for you as well, they'll lead you to the cross for a safe landing before you fall, they don't "pray-and-tell".

All rhyming aside, don't belittle the message because it's presented simply in rhymes.
Take what you want, and be challenged on thoughts that contradict your thoughts; prayerfully consider the 5 points and try to apply them in love.

Pray for Jerry Sandusky, cliche, but please do consider it.
Pray that if he doesn't know Jesus yet, that his eyes be open to the Savior in prison (Sandusky was sentenced to 30-60 years in prison for sexual abuse).

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