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Happy Easter - Remember the Promise - His Love

I will force myself (a dude born African, in a Christian home, who accepted Christ at a young age and have been serving Christ for over a decade... nice accomplishments eh? :D) to recognize and see the importance of Jesus dying for me.

I know the story of Easter, but I don't always feel as grateful as I should especially during this time of the year.

What happened?
Jesus died. 3 days later, Jesus rose. IT IS a big deal. Bigger than any human can fully comprehend but it happened so that we get to spend eternity with God, starting here on earth, till the day we leave earth.
It is a big deal. Jesus didn't have to die. But His love for us humans (humans who killed Him, hate Him sometimes and don't care to say hi to Him other times) was so great that He considered us worth dying for.

He paid for our sins once and for all. Now we imperfect people don't need to be afraid of meeting a perfect God.

Good friday is symbolic and helps us remember the day that Jesus died here on earth, and this coming Sunday, we will celebrate His rise from death.

Jesus is indeed risen, and watches over us, intercedes for us, speaks to us, and heals us.

Yeah, just writing this post makes me feel the importance of Easter a whole lot more.

The eggs (or a lack of) are not the issue, it's the hearts of the people, humans he died for that is at stake here;

So, today, tomorrow and next, as we celebrate Easter and say "Happy Easter!" to people all around us, remember His Promise (I will never leave or forsake you) and His love.


On that note, a big major shoutout to the folks at Google (Google Play) for listing the You Version Bible app first among the other Easter apps on the Play store. I'm pretty certain quite a few people don't know that Easter is a lot more than easter eggs and stuff. If you don't have You Version, it's the best Bible app out in my opinion.

Happy Easter!

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