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Happy Earth Day - Stuff You Should Do

Happy Earth Day!
Or should I say "Happy Creation Day"? :D

You know, just like when people say "Happy Resurrection Day" instead of "Happy Easter"? lol
Apologies if you're one of those super grammatically anti-being-politically correct people.

It's a beautiful day if you're reading this post. You're alive, yay! Tons of people have died within the last two weeks (Boston bombing, Texas explosion), so it's a pretty big deal.

Today, Earth Day, might not be seen as a religious celebration (no big deal, we should celebrate God daily) but we could intentionally bring God into our day.

Here's 4 things to consider doing:

1. Go outside: Once you're done reading this post (or even right now, you can leave your browser open), go outside (assuming it's still bright wherever you are) and enjoy the sun (or cold), nature, etc.

2. Find something beautiful outside and take a picture of it: I found this flowers on a tree (see below). Check it out on Instagram without any filters.

3. Sing a song: Too many people forget just how amazing music is and never sing. You don't have to have pipes like Adele to sing your heart out. It's even more awesome to do outside. Or rap if that's what you do like me, or scream (like how those screamo bands do).

4. Take the trash out: :D Okay, this really is the same as number one, but it's a good excuse for you to go outside and smell the air. Take your garbage out and spend a couple of mins outside.

That's all folks.
Happy Earth Day!

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