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What I've been watching? Black Knight, Transparent, Flame

So CHH fam, God's blessing our family. I'm seeing more and more dope videos everywhere.
I thought only Reach Records had the dope videographers, but the excellent Spirit is passing round; yay!!

First off:
Black Knight - Headphones
His beats bang!! 

Transparent - One Way
Another dope video.

Last, but not the least, possibly my favourite video on this list because I love both Flame and KB (who shows off some of his boxing moves in the video) and V.Rose.

His new album 'Royal Flush' is gonna be amazing. I heard snippets on Amazon and it's all sounding dope.

Flame - All In / Read Em & Weep

Black Knight - headphones, Flame - All In, Transparent - Headphones

There's more I don't remember. That's for another post. Peace.

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