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What's been playing in my ear-buds lately? Eshon Burgundy, etc.

I wanted to make an individual post for all the music that I've played over and over again lately, but decided not to.

One post. Turn up music. Get hype.

These artists have been playing non-stop on my GS3 lately; I don't have an iPod (long story, kinda).

Derek Minor - Minorville
I play every song on this album (except the intro) all through and can't get enough of it. I might have overplayed this album though :(

Get Minorville from iTunes.

Eshon Burgundy - For God's Sake
Every song on this mixtape is hotness.
Here's a music video of one of the songs on it:

Download For God's Sake on Noisetrade.

Social Club - Rejects
I know, I know. Social Club has a newer record called "Summer of George" but this project is my favourite from SocialxClub till date. It's available on iTunes.

GS - No Compromise
Joey Prophet shared this on facebook; I played it 3 times in a row (I'm playing it again). It's sooo good.
It's a free download; get it ASAP.

Uh, share your frequently played list.

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