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What's new with Bezalel - Welcome back

I've been wanting to post something here for a while but never got to a place where I felt comfortable enough to do so; it just hit me that I might never be at that place again sooooo, I'm done waiting.

You: Bezalel, what's new with you

Bezalel: I've been on a long journey. A long journey mostly with God and sometimes trying to push Him away unsuccessfully.
This journey has been hard but necessary.
I thought I knew what grace is: I'm rediscovering grace. I thought I knew a lot about myself but then God started to reveal to me my many weaknesses; it is very humbling to say the least.
But I'm getting closer to the man God wants me to be.

My journey has also taking me to different places musically; I've got an album coming out soon with my brother 'Mike-O' and it's gonna be amazing. God has given us some great songs.

Here's a summary of what's changed with me:

1. I've gotten a bit more into photography and soundtracks. I also turned 24 recently! Exciting! I think 24 is an awesome age to be.

2. A lot of beats are coming; a different sound from what you're used to hearing from me.

3. Kris Auest and I collaborate on beats as 'Soundamentalists'.

4. Mike-O and I rap together as gKIDS.

Finally, thank you to all you lovely reader keeping this website busy; I appreciate it.

I've got a lot of awesomeness coming your way.

Random unrelated image ;) ;)

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