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Bezalel's weekly nuggets: Hang On and see God show up!

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I've noticed some things are said so much in Christian circles that they almost become cliches.

Take for example, "God is good"; such a beautiful statement that echoes and resonates within my heart today; I can't speak of how much this is true today.
Another? "John 3:16": For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son...; such a beautiful verse.

1. My prayer is that we Christians don't take for granted God's amazing nature.

I wish I could make you feel what I'm saying; God keeps on blowing my mind in spite of me shooing Him and not trusting Him.

I honestly am not one to get worried by lots of stuff; but some circumstances and me being 24 years old has had me asking myself (and God) certain questions which breed worry.

2. I'll tell you this; God didn't answer my prayer how I expected Him to, but He did in His own way.
I know. I'm being vague, sorry :/

My nugget this week is this: When we think life is overwhelming, hang-on to God, stay in His word, pray, fill your ears with good stuff (good music) and God will take care of everything.

3. He will answer your question, but it might be in ways you don't expect.

I can say this confidently: God knows me better than I know myself.
The path God steered my life to take has been for the better.

Let's trust.


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