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The simplest advice I'll give to guys struggling with porn

Here's a very not-brave confession. In fact, I don't really consider it a confession as much as it is me being real, and trying to live out what I say and rap. Many other men I respect have admitted to this struggle; add me to that list.

I like many other guys struggle with sexual purity and porn, all that comes with it, e.g. masturbation, etc.

My fight to stay-away from watching porn has been a full-out war ranging from bullets in the distance to bombs in my living room. This battle has been going on for some time now, and I guess God has opened my eyes to see patterns that lead me back to watching porn.

My advice: Don't stay up late.
It's that simple.

This decision has changed and is changing my life.
90% of the times I've watched porn, it has been late-at-night. Usually starts with me being bored, thinking of dumb stuff, gaming, etc and bam, I'm in it.

Not only is my going to bed early helpful in battling porn, it's majorly helpful with school, work and life in general.

If your situation is like mine (watching porn at night), try it out for a week and you'll see the benefits.

Sure, I still have to control my thoughts during the day, but killing the batteries (porn) the night before helps my plight (sexual purity) a lot.

Allow me to go on a brief rabbit trail:
Hypothetically, let's say your reason for disagreeing with my view is you thinking:

You're not making sense; porn doesn't affect my ability to stay sexually pure!
I'll start of first by saying: I once thought the same thing. I thought porn would never lead to me masturbating and make me lust more. Well, it did; and more.

My analogy relating porn to sexual purity is this:
"My sexual purity is a bonfire. My entire being is a forest. What's keeping my bonfire burning is my human sexual nature. This fire is hot, but not enough to burn me up.
Porn is like fuel sprayed all over my forest; all it takes is one cigarette (temptation) dropped on me and I'll be like a forest fire out of control."

I'll conclude with something I'm realizing is very important:
All human measures to fight and defeat porn are a waste of time without God's help. Talk to God in trying times; even seconds after you sin; even when you're sinning. Only God can help us beat porn. 

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