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What would you ask for if you knew everything?

With all the stuff that's been going on in the world recently (and some personal stuff), I find myself feeling a bit down when there's no music playing, or when I'm not at the gym.

So I decided to find a solution or some advice. I googled "Peaceful Sermon" and came across this sermon by Tim Keller.

He said something that made my brain light-up; he was referring to how God answers the prayers we pray in the middle of distress.
When a child of mine makes a request, I always give them what they would have asked for if they knew everything.
- Tim Keller
I usually pray for God to take away anything (sometimes anyone - not kill the person though, lol) that is uncomfortable; but sometimes, things that don't leave me at ease might be something or someone God is using to grow me.

So, it is possible that if I knew everything (in the grand scheme of things of my life as a Christian), I'd probably ask God to leave these trials intact.

Anyways, here's the sermon: If you're looking for a sermon on Peace, it seems to be good so far (I'm still listening to it).

Final thing I got from it: To pray for peace. To pray for God to help me love Him more than anything else to remove worries from my life.

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