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You can defeat temptation
Facts about temptation
1. A temptation is a test.
2. Temptations don't come our way to make us fail, God lets us get tempted(by the devil) to build us up.
3. God will not and will never let us get tempted beyond(more than) what we can handle or defeat. (1 Corinthians 10:13)
4. Temptations are not from God. Temptations are from the devil and demons.
5. Having a temptation doesn't mean you sinned. Falling, succumbing or submitting to temptation is when you sin.
6. You will grow from temptations, just try and put some effort. When you get tempted and resist the temptation successfully, you grow from it and build resistance to that temptation until it no longer has any hold over you.

In no time, you will see and look back and laugh wondering why such little tests could influence you. You will grow in Jesus name. Amen. (Feel free to insert your Amen here :D )

One in Christ.

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