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What is Worship?

Hillsong United on Worship from Family Life on Vimeo.

I came across this video while looking for some ideas for a website I'm working on.
This video, I believe done by Hillsong, uses words and expresses what real and true worship is, in a way that I feel but cannot express if you know what I mean.
Here's what they said Worship is in the video (paraphrased here and there):


Worship is everyday saying "Thank You" to God and giving Him everything because He gave it all.
Worship is waking up everyday and saying "Thank You". Saying "I cannot do this without You." Telling God that "If You had not come into my life, I would be a useless wreck, and for some reason You decided to [come into my life]". Thank You
Worship is calling God by name, saying, "I don't know why He chose to do that (coming into my life), but I'm going to spend everyday saying thank You for that".
Worship can be likened to a crowd of people singing with all their heart, their voices lifted up to God, worshiping God without the band leading them; only their voices. They, making their own decision to declare that God is the Lord of their life, gladly, joyfully and openly.

More about WorshipGod does not want our ways of doing things [in worship], our methods, God is not into appearances but into the heart.
When we do what we do, give the best of our best to God, use our creativity, our skills, gifts and talents for God, that is worship.
Using lights, great music, beats, diverse musical genres, etc is not wrong as long as the heart is right with God to honor and glorify Him, and to sacrifice by giving our best gladly to Him [not just vocally, but with our actions too].
Reaching out to others, being prepared to be inconvenienced, laying down our agendas and taking up God's agenda as He (the Infinitely and forever Holy, Worthy and Glorious God) has commanded: This is worship. 

Thank God for this discovery. I am grateful.

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