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Reach Records signs Andy Mineo (formerly known as C-Lite)

Reach Records announced today on their website the awesome amazing news; something I saw coming but didn't know for certain: Andy Mineo (C-Lite as many may know him) is now signed to Reach Records. God is good, and Reach Records is Gucci. lol

Wait a second!!! You don't know the name C-Lite or Andy Mineo?!?
Lecrae's song on Rehab called Background features Andy Mineo, Reverse on TDots album Blacklight features him too, Ambassador also features him on Stop the funeral; He's not just a singer, he raps and can do so at machine gun speeds, lol. Ratatatata tatatatata!!!! :D

Okay, I'm excited... big time. Remember "In My City"? Andy did a good job on it and with the Spirit of excellence that he already was graced with to put out music, I can only expect a whole lot more and better from this new spiritual partnership.

Reach Records signs Andy Mineo, formerly known as C-Lite
Andy Mineo - Now signed to Reach Records :D
Andy has decided to drop the name C-Lite and go by his real name, Andy Mineo. He even said he never really liked the name. Why did you get it then bro? Jk, lol
Glad for the path God is leading him on. God bless all the brothers/soldiers at Reach Records.

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