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Put Your Love Glasses On - Beckah Shae - Official Music Video

Beckah Shae: She's one lady I have not heard from in a while (probably because I'm more of a follower of the Christian rap culture and Hillsong), but wow, her new song, Put Your Love Glasses On is such a joy giver.
The music video is top notch; good beat and amazing production all round. The Christian music arena is getting sooo much grace from God to be excellent, 2011 is God's year (and 2012 till infinity :D ).

I'm listening to the song for the fifth time in a row now. The lyrics point to God, and can be a very useful evangelism tool too.
I didn't think it pointed to God at first (yeah... I know, wow), but the more I listened to it, the message from God through Beckah Shae is clearly one needed today: Love. Love your God with all your heart. Love your neighbour (fellow humans) too. 
Believers need to love more to pull and point people to Jesus Christ. I love Beckah Shae. God bless her. Feel free to express how much you love this song.

Beckah Shae - Put Your Love Glasses On official music video

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