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Slavery Still Exists

Slavery still and does exist in the world today. 

You didn't know that? Me neither.
What if I tell you that there are over 27 million slaves on earth today... much more than there has ever been in the [modern] world before. 27 MILLION.

How is this not common knowledge?
I am not naive or ignorant. I know what is going on based on what the media feeds us. But I have never heard of this number (27 million) before.

This just tells me and shows how twisted and sick the media industry is; It is disgusting literally.

That the media is more focused on Casey Anthony getting a second chance (God let it happen, deal with it. God knows best; Better than you and I, deal with it) and still whining over it, than the fact that fellow humans are slaves to prostitution, etc? It is crazy. Our world is a fallen place. 

Also, only 1 percent of these slaves (mostly from and in human trafficking are ever rescued)... we need to do more as the Church and people in general.

I am grateful for life, but I can't wait to be in Heaven worshiping God free without limits and bonds, with even some of my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ who are slaves because of their faith on earth today.

People need to know about this: 
- Human trafficking is the second biggest crime world wide, second only to drug trafficking.
- Only 1 in 100,000 are convicted of human trafficking crimes.
- Human trafficking generates 32 billion dollars per year.
- The videos below are worth your time, get informed.

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