Monday, September 26, 2011

180 Movie - A Short Pro-Life film

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Update: As of today (October 10, 2011), this video has over 700, 000 views in about two weeks of being released and is trending amazingly well on youtube, all glory to God. Help share the 180 movie's message by sharing it with everyone you know. It's worth it and is being used to change lives. It's another tool to spread the gospel.

This video was released early today and is already buzzing big-time online, all glory to God.

This short film/documentary really shows us how naive (and sadly poorly informed) my generation is. Who is to blame? The parents, uncles and aunts, me even. Anyways, that's about to change with this documentary that addresses stuff from Adolf Hitler, Planned Parenthood, the Holocaust and is presented by Ray Comfort (love this dude).

A note of caution: As 180movie addresses abortion, there are some graphic images but the knowledge is worth having; Our generation (mine especially) and the next generation have a lot of knowledge not being properly passed down.
Please watch this short Award Winning Documentary and share it with everybody you know.



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