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Theory Hazit - Distorted Joy

I'm not a fan of sad songs in general but this one is an exception.
Theory Hazit's music video for his song "Distorted Joy" paints a very sad but true and accurate picture of what a pregnant drug addict's life looks life.

Children of addicts who use drugs during their pregnancy period are likely to die, or have learning disabilities, and more.

Theory Hazit's video tells us to treat such people lovingly; to not look down on them in pride but pray for them. Check the music video out below:

Do you gaze upon the troubled souls around you with compassion or contempt?

When you see people who are broken, worn-out & oppressed are you moved towards prayer or pride?
Have you considered God's mercy towards you?
Our pride and contempt is no less offensive then the sins which offend us the most.

Challenging but true words.

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