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No Turning Back - Bezalel

Here's a video that I created in Adobe After Effects for one of my songs a while back. I thought I posted it... I guess not.
Well, the song is a snippet of "No Turning Back", the lyrics are below the video.

Signs and wonders follow me but not like twitter
Cos I dropped the baggage holding me back like a leash tied
I'm running hard, I got my eyes on Christ who's at the finish line
The hurdles in this race are promised, but I got a Superman
I drop it like it's hot, If it's got me leaning backwards
Follow Christ till I am with, Christian soldiers onwards
No mistake, I got my cross on my back like a back pack,
When I'm thirsty it's m quick fix, call it Powerade
My first aid is the word of God, cleans me up like vinegar
But I'll be dumb to let the world make me taste like I'm vinegar
I strive to be hot for Christ, I blow thermometers
But I've got my eyes on Christ so I don't get spit like lukewarm believers.

Soli Deo Gloria
(To God alone be the glory)
(Screenshot from the video)

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